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GreenMedi Hand Clean Liquid (Ethanol)

GreenMedi Hand Clean Liquid (Ethanol)

Ethanol is one of the world's leading disinfectants 

Ethanol for hand sterilization is suitable for maintaining cleanliness in daily life 

Hand sanitizer ethanol protects you from disease.



component content /

active ingredient : 83 ml (ethyl alcohol(C2H6O)) in 100 ml (Liquid) 

other additives : Purified Water


the efficacy effect /

Disinfection of hands and skin

usage capacity /

Apply it to the disinfection area of human skin



성분 함량 /

유효성분 : 100ml 중 에탄올 83ml

기타첨가제 : 정제수


효능 효과 /

손 및 피부의 소독


용법 용량 /

소독부위에 적용