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GreenMedi Disinfection Ethanol

GreenMedi Disinfection Ethanol

Ethanol is one of the world's leading disinfectants. Ethanol has a disinfectant effect as it evaporates.
It is highly volatile and evaporates quickly, so it is good to see a disinfection effect in a short period of time.
For Medical, Hospitals, institution, laboratories.

component content /

active ingredient : 83 ml (ethyl alcohol(C2H6O)) in 100 ml (Liquid) 

other additives : Purified Water


the efficacy effect /

Disinfection of hands and skin

Disinfection of the skin at the surgical site

Disinfect the surface of the object

usage capacity /

Apply it to the disinfection area of human skin

Apply it to contaminated areas



성분 함량 /

유효성분 : 100ml 중 에탄올 83ml

기타첨가제 : 정제수


효능 효과 /

손 및 피부의 소독

수술부위 피부의 소독

오염된 물체의 소독


용법 용량 /

소독부위에 적용

오염된 물체의 적용